Intro to Food and Health

I started a course on called “Stanford Introduction to Food and Health“. Getting a certificate of completion cost me €36, but I figured it’s worth it since the average person studying to be a personal trainer probably doesn’t get too much nutrition in. I have a long history of issues with food, but I think getting a strong background in nutrition, coupled with my own personal experience (empathy is a big deal!), and other requisite courses standards for PTs would give me a leg up against a lot of personal trainers where I live when I start training clients, as well as teach me about the foods I eat.

There’s a big emphasis in this course on the global obesity epidemic. To be honest, I’m fat positive. I think there needs to be more representation of fat people in the media, in magazines and in daily life. I like FatShion, and fat bloggers who are radical about fat positivity (not faux “body positivity” disguised as dieting fads in order for someone to sell their crappy recipe book) and those who write extensively about fat shaming and how fat/obese people are discriminated against. My personal opinion about this is, if a fat person wants to do some strength training but wouldn’t want me to advise them on nutrition (usually because they’ve already had someone hassling them for years about it), then I’ll work with them. You can still build strength even if you aren’t eating kale chips every day (I know it’s more complicated than that, I’m making a joke).

What I’m getting at here is that I will endeavor to avoid the bits about obesity. I just don’t want to come off judgey, or turn anyone off from the really useful nutritional science stuff. I don’t think, as someone who is average-sized and not discriminated against on a daily basis for my body’s size, that I need to be writing about this subject.

I will focus as much as I can on what I’m learning regarding nutritional science and how our bodies process nutrients from foods. This seems pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to babbling about it on here.


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